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-You can also find a large number of factors that an individual should keep in his mind when finding a coworking office space. Genevieve DeGuzman and Andrew Tang, authors of the well-known book Working in the UnOffice: A Guide to Coworking for Indie Workers, Small Businesses, and Nonprofits were questioned by The two authors mentioned that in order to select an Ideal coworking place, there are 8 factors that can help a person. +====== Welcome at the oneye wiki ======
-The profession of that person is very important. Individuals must sincerely notice what types of individuals or companies are already operating around the space, and what could be their possible effect on ones work currently, and in the long term. What is even more important is the site which occupies that place. Different individuals have diverse kinds of professions like IT, consultation, designing, journalism etc., and their work will be directly inspired by the coworking office space that they are going to engage   +To navigate please use the blue button at the top left and choose [[|sitemap]].
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-Different office spaces are charged specially, and this is also one particular factorThere are office places with fixed quotes, and there are office places with different type of rates. In addition, some places are used by a group while others are used by a solo individual. Depending on terms & conditions and the space, the quotes can vary from $199 to $450. +
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-The number of people that are going to work in an office place and the size of that coworking office place are very important while making a decision. Most greatly important, it constitutes a great diversity to one's business or profession whether the place is available only for a fixed moment or it is reachable for the complete day. Simultaneously, the appearance of that place can be something which can affect that business. Also, the size of the space and the number individuals that are going to occupy that space is very meaningful as well. The ease of use of different methods and other accessories can make a difference on the work. Furthermore, many services can save time and money if discreet places like conference halls and even halls are open nearby.+
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