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-Many persons happen to be enjoyed talking about the mobile cloud apps and native apps these days. An individual have to comprehend the actual development procedures of these apps to be able to greater recognize this controversy. For different mobile phones, different versions of native apps are developed, and these apps are installed directly.+====== Welcome at the oneye wiki ======
- +To navigate please use the blue button at the top left and choose [[|sitemap]].
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-Mobile cloud apps are fairly similar to Web-based applications. Both run on hosts external to the reader device and need the use of a browser on the smart phone to display and then use the application user interface. These apps are not downloaded and installed on cellular phones rather they are read via a browser on the remote device for which internet connection is required. The mobile cloud apps run on external machines so they are more like web based applications. Mobile cloud apps require a web browser and an app user interface for operating on mobile phones. These apps can be seen through a cell phone browser on the remote device via internet, and they can not be downloaded and setup on the mobile phones; therefore, internet is necessary to use them. In order to really transfer file between the smart phone and mobile cloud app, JSON over HTTP is used. To run on mobile devices with many types of options, mobile cloud apps can be changed into native apps. +
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-Native apps Development vs. Mobile cloud apps Designing +
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-For developing native apps, certain further advancement processes and certain programming languages are being used; these codes include Android Java, Windows Mobile Visual C++ and iOS Objective-C. Microsoft .NET Compact Framework, Apple's iOS software programming kit and Google's Android programming items are the tools for development. Sybase and PhoneGap provide other development items. +
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-The coders of native apps can use the notification features of iOS for creating a banner on the screen, visual alert or show and an audible alert while functioning on Apple's development platformMobile cloud apps have a limited access, typically through an API, to the native features and information of the mobile devices. Someone should integrate the apps of his current system in order to make it possible for the mobile business apps to access his database. It is a challenging task because integrating business resource planning product or a third-party customer resource control with the current system is never easyThe mobile cloud apps are the number one option whenever data integration is necessary. This is because one?s system is running in the same cloud where the mobile apps are running instead of a remote smart phone that is written in an unusual language which is not approved on that cloud.+
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