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Community that occupies the place is very meaningful. One should sincerely observe what kinds of people or businesses are already working around the place, and what could be their viable effect on ones work currently, and in the long term. The next important thing is one's own field. Different people have diverse kinds of jobs like IT, consultation, designing, journalism etc., and their work will be directly affected by the coworking office space that they are going to engage.

Another meaningful part is the rate of the space, and the way it is charged. The rates of some coworking places are fixed while the prices of some spaces vary. Sometimes a coworking space is utilized by a group, and sometimes it is used by a single person. According to the condition of the space and the terms & conditions, the quotes can be up to $450. Thus, it is important to know one's requirement and budget. Moreover, whether the income is high or low can also vary the fees of a coworking space. The high or low turnover can be due to different factors; sometimes it is the lack of stability of the space, and at times services moving to a more spacious place is the reason.

A powerful local community is delivered due to the size of the coworking office place. Such communities are the delegation of their field, and this provides them the opportunity to share experiences, problems and their treatment plans. The availability of the space for a fixed timing or 24 hours is another aspect that can affect one's work. Aside from that this, the business is also affected by the design of that place. The place size and the number of people occupying it is also meaningful. Also, ones company will also be impacted if different methods and accessories are accessible there. If conference halls are available nearby a company then it can save time and money.

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